Assignment 2 results

After reading Anouk’s blog and Leesa’s blog I felt their pain. I too received a mark I was not expecting for assignment 2 and felt that disappointing feeling. I was very upset as I received full marks for assignment 1 and thought I had covered every area for assignment 2.

 Sometimes I feel being a university student it can sometimes be made clear by markers that we sit at “the bottom of the food chain” aka we know nothing and they know everything. BUT we just need to keep pushing through and keep doing the best we can. Teaching is such a unique and creative profession that I don’t believe any lesson or unit plan created can be WRONG but instead different to the way you might teach it. This I guess could make it hard for markers as they may just expect everything their way. I am not saying that I am never wrong, I am more than happy to receive both positive and negative feedback on my work, as long as the feedback is constructive

But enough of that….One more week of prac to go and 3 assignments then a WELL EARNED TWO WEEK HOLIDAY! 


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