Welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome to my blog!

As part of my university studies course EDC3100, I have been asked to start a blog to document my learning journey through out this course.

A little about me 🙂

My name is Kiera and I currently attend USQ Springfield, completing a degree in Primary Education. Before my university studies I completed a Diploma in Early Education and Care,  from completing this I wanted to further my studies to be able to teach in a primary school.

Why did I want to be a teacher?

I have always wanted to be a teacher and I believe this is due to the fantastic and inspiring teachers that I encountered  throughout my own schooling years. I loved my school and am so thankful for my education and I hope to one day give that same feeling to my future students.

How I feel about ICT 

I feel confident with ICT’s however feel that I need to keep updating myself on the new technologies and programs that become available daily and this can sometimes be quite overwhelming. I also find you need plenty of patience too!

ICT in the classroom

Information technology is such a prominent feature of our every changing society and has to the power to transform teaching and learning. I believe it is important to recognise and embrace students’ ever increasing knowledge of ICT and adapt this into the classroom.

What I hope to achieve

By completing this course I hope to gain new insights into technology and work collaboratively with fellow peers and future teacher mentors to strengthen my ICT skills and pedagogy. I also hope to gain new ideas, inspirations and knowledge about ICT and pedagogy.

Please feel free to comment with your thoughts or ideas, I would love to hear them 🙂

Enjoy reading

Thanks smile


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